2 comments on “FIFA steps into the UEFA vs G14 row
  1. Sepp Blatter is not to be believed.
    He has led FIFA down a not so democratic road himself.
    For example, up until just a few days ago, FIFA wanted to restrict the number of online images, as well as keep them off the Internet for two hours after the end of matches.
    The World Association of Newspapers (WAN)was representing 18000 newspapers around the globe as well as a coalition of the world’s major news agencies, including the Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France-Presse- as they threatened FIFA with legal action.
    The restrictions “constitute both an interference in editorial freedom and independence and a clear breach of the right to freedom of information,” said WAN CEO Timothy Balding and AFP president and CEO Pierre Louette in a letter to Blatter.
    Luckily the bureaucratic administration at FIFA realized they had painted themselves into a corner, and decided to relax their stupid restrictions.
    So please take anything FIFA says with a grain of salt as they say

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