Hooligans: Violence, Fascism and Racism

This World Cup may be quite scary. I know the Germans are going to be vigilant, but with a history of violence between Germans and Poles- and of course our own hooligans, we could be in for a difficult summer.

The BBC reports that Polish hooligans are starting to turn their attention to Germany and this summer’s World Cup. Apparently they want to test themselves against the elite of European hooliganism in a country that is only an hour’s drive away.
What losers.
I just hope we can keep it clean.
UPDATE: This is not a joke: Oguchi Onyewu has been the victim of an unprovoked racially motivated attack following the Anderlecht Brugge clash he was watching as a spectator.

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One comment on “Hooligans: Violence, Fascism and Racism
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    I agree with Chiza’s earlier post on hooliganism. There is a high probability that Neo-Nazis may try to disrupt the World Cup… This is NOT to be taken lightly, and I’m sure the Germans are going to be on guard….

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