The outrage meter explodes

It had to happen sooner than later. What ails US sports is showing ominous signs of becoming reality in Europe. The beautiful game is being torn by a small group of rich and powerful soccer clubs who demand their players fealty to them and not to their countries.
The row pits the UEFA against the group called G14, a name that one associates with Davos and not soccer. The G14 wants to have the final say on releasing players to their national associations and also compensation from the respecive countries if their players return injured.
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George Steinbrenner anyone?
More George Steinbrenner
After being ignominously hustled out by Mexico in the World Classic, we still have the gall calling the US baseball championship, the World Series! The larger point is that soccer could go the same way. If the G14 has its way, it could create its own circle jerk.

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