Thierry Henry beats Juve; Barca-Benfica tie

Thierry Henry dominated Juventus in the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals, as Arsenal beat Juve 2-0.
Well, it says a lot for how far Henry has taken his team. Man, they just made Vieira look old. And worst of all, Vieira got a yellow card for kicking Jose Antonio Reyes, benching him for the second leg in Turin on April 5th. Ouch.
In the other QF, Ronaldinho missed opportunities right, left and center. The score- Barca 0, Benfica 0. Let’s see what happens in Barcelona next.
Champions League roundup
Arsenal beats Juventus, Barcelona draws
Favourites Barcelona held by Benfica in Lisbon

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110 comments on “Thierry Henry beats Juve; Barca-Benfica tie
  1. please i’ll like to have ur email address cause here in Limbe-Cameroon we are fond of you and we have made a fan club .named theirry henry’s fan club.
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  3. Hi,
    I’m from Nigeria and a number 1 fan of Thierry Henry. His skills are marvelous and his goals always breath-taking. He’s one striker I adore…If I ever get to meet him, I will kiss his boot. Pls supply me his email addie…

  4. i am from the gambia, an i want to tel the whole world that thiery henry is the king of england when queen is not there. he is the only player i support and i will never back up. after henry is zidane.
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    thanks henry never follow your enemies but just keep on improving we are here for you.
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    pls email me. i wan to tell you something.

  5. must say am a great fan of henry.he’s such a magnificent and prolific stars the world of football has ever produced

  6. Henri has two cousins FROM GUADELOUPE IN in London. Please contact this email. THEY ARE FROM DESIRADE(guadeloupe) WHERE HE AND PHILLIP ARE FROM.

  7. i am from montenegro and i adore titi:)
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    I want arsenal to win the 4 caps of this year. my God help you in all your games. I like you more and more. yours haben from Eithiopia

  10. Good evening!I llove Arsenal and especially Thierry!!!!I am 20 years old and i play football in greece in b division.My dream is to play to Arsenal one day behind Thierry so i can give him assists!!I wonder if i could come to london and have a chance to test me…i would love to hear from you!!!

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  13. I’m Ayo 4rm Nigeria.I am an xtrmly crazy north london smokin’ gunner.I love Titi & also Van persie.Of 12 friends,i’m d only arsenal fan.I know we will rise again but it’s a matter of time.Titi,all i need is ur e-mail ad.Pls send it 2 me(on my kneels).Send my greetings 2 TEA & (MRS) NICOLE.

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  15. Henry, you are the best in the world and you are much better than Ronaldinho and your France deserved the world cup, Arsenal deserved the champions league and you deserve to be the best player. i really want to know your email.

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  23. Hello everyone,
    I am a 19 Year old from Tunisia, my name is Khalil Barhri, I am also a big fan of TITI. This guy is a great player, but he does not seem to care about his fans. I am wondering if he really deserves all the love we, his fans got for him. I think if he does not reply to all these people looking for his email address, and some inspiration from him, he is just another selfish stupid soccer player.
    Good luck all

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    Please fail not to reply me because I desperately need your friendship. I am a Liberian, 19 years, a High School Graduate, I play for my school team, if possible I would like to come over to you as my father, I know you have children, but something tells me that you are so kind hearted. If you can send for me and put send me on any football academy I will highly appreciate that and God will richly blessed you as you are alway blessed to the end of your days.

  48. I have a brother who has been Henry’s Fan and thinks that he is Henry’s biggest fan from the first time he sow him on TV….he also plays football..always tells me that He want to grown up and be just like Henry,but I can see sometimes he miss behaves and forgets about his dream because he thinks that he will never make it…I believe if he can get any encouragement from Mr Henry he will be happy and try to stick on his dream as a Super Star just like Mr Henry….If possible can anyone send me Mr Henry’s email address or any contact detail ( so that my brother can contact him…
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