Beckenbauer to Blatter: Stop your whining

A power play is going on between the Bayern Munich cabal and FIFA. Franz Beckenbauer effectively told Sepp Blatter, FIFA president to shut his piehole with his criticism of Germany’s preparation of the World Cup. Apparently the FIFA president does not care too much for the way the Germans are going about their ticketing.
At issue are the 3.3 million tickets that are embedded with microchips and issued to individuals, who will face recognition scanners at the stadiums’ turnstiles.
Blatter thinks the ticketing is too intricate and has been unhappy about FIFA losing control over the ticketing system. He wants to take it back for the 2010 World Cup.
German organizers say that the idea is to eliminate stolen or counterfeit tickets as well as keeping ticket brokers or others from inflating the price.
It’s infighting between two micromanagers. Beckenbauer is as hands on with his organizing as he was feet on playing libero in his heydays.

One comment on “Beckenbauer to Blatter: Stop your whining
  1. FIFA losing control of the ticketing is possibly the best thing that could have happened for the average fan on the street. The Germans got it right this time. Hail the Kaiser. Blatter can go to hell!

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