Colombia figures in the World Cup finals!

There I knew I would get your attention.
Actually, it is not the team but one Colombian who is bringing the curtain down on the World Cup before the final match. Yes, it is Shakira and she is going to do one of her sinuous numbers along with Wyclef Jean to get all the fans boogeying in the stands.
Too bad her ever underperforming country is not going to be there. Any Valderrama sightings recently??
Carlos Valderrama.jpg

2 comments on “Colombia figures in the World Cup finals!
  1. Video: Reggaeton 2006 – Shakira, Soccer and American Idol

    This is Reggaeton going global. I wonder how the planet will react when she sings this 10 minutes before the Finals! Shourin, thanks for giving me an excuse to post this video on the site!…

  2. Hey watch it,
    u no damn well colombia is better then ur country!!!!!!
    and were goin to the world cup!!!

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