Goodbye Telê Santana

Brasil and the world will miss you, Telê Santana.
We are thankful that you were here to guide Brasil through the dark ages. You kept the light of the game burning when everyone was ready to give up. Without you there would be no chance for the Hexa! Thank you Telê Santana.
Zico said that of all the coaches he played under Santana was the only one who banned his players from committing fouls. You can read the real story here.

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One comment on “Goodbye Telê Santana
  1. It does sometimes take a jolt to wake us up and remember the truth: That Europe is not the center of the world. That Europe raped and robbed the Americas and killed off all the Native Indians. That if we don’t get jolted, if we don’t stop and listen to our hearts, we will no longer enjoy the game. It will become rigid, like the hull of the slave ships or the hard plastic of an i-pod. Thank G-d for people like Tele Santana who jolt us out of a nightmarish future of rigidity and frozen hearts. Brazil warms our hearts. Brazil warms the hearts of people around the world. Brazil exists within all of us. It is a goofy child who knows nothing but his own childhood. Brazil is feeling excitement tingle in your spine. Brazil is celebrating everyday. Brazil is also sexual, as are we all. We are all human. We are all humble creatures.
    It is easy to be distracted. Tele Santana, the coach of Brazil, calls out. We hear his voice from deep in the distance as we are walking down a busy street. He reminds us. The world is very noisy and it is indeed sad that Tele Santana is no longer around to yell at as us all from the sidelines.

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