Inside the Mind of Freddy Adu

From the NY Times30 Seconds w/ Freddy Adu:
WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING IF YOU WERE NOT PLAYING PRO SOCCER? That’s a tough question. I’m only 16 years old. I would probably be some type of businessman.
IN 5 TO 10 YEARS I see myself playing for a big club in Europe.
FAVORITE PLAYER GROWING UP Pelé was and is my favorite player. That said, Ronaldinho is my favorite player currently playing.
FAVORITE SPORT BESIDES SOCCER Golf. I took up the game when I was 10. I shot a par on my first hole and I was hooked.
SOCCER ON TV I like to see the best players in the world, see what makes them special and try to incorporate that into my game.
CURRENT CAR I have a BMW 330i. I had it customized with 20-inch rims. I’m very proud of it.
DOES YOUR MOM STILL TELL YOU TO CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM OR SPEND LESS TIME ON THE COMPUTER? It’s both. It’s hard because I can’t do a lot of the normal teenage stuff. However, I’m able to see and experience a lot of great things that other people my age don’t.
WHO WILL WIN THE WORLD CUP? You’ve got to say Brazil. They’re easily the favorites, but I would love to see the U.S. win.
Note: no mention making the World Cup squad…

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