John Terry needs to be England captain

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84 minutes into the Chelsea- West Ham game and I am looking at how John Terry marshalls his players. Chelsea down by a goal within 10 minutes. Maniche ejected in the 16th minute. It just couldnt get worse. And then Chelsea steps it up a notch or two. West Ham look like they are playing a man down…… make that two men down. What impressed me was Terry’s calm demeanour. Rallying the troops. Getting Drogba to fall back and help out with the defence. Essien and Makalele stepping up with Terry himself pushing up front. There is strength in this man. Plus, he is just a solid all round defender, who can score as he did this afternoon. Reminds me of Bobby Moore. What England need is a solid defender, a man with his head on his shoulders, a liked and well respected player. For someone who got into a few tiffs in his past he has shown an amazing level of maturity the last few seasons. Low key and leads with his playing.
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Forget Beckham. He has never delivered when England needed him. And whose judgement leaves a lot to be desired. Remember that atrocious foul against Simeone at the 1998 World Cup for which Beckham was ejected.
England lost the match on penalties and Beckham was subsequently pilloried by the British press and many English supporters, who blamed him for England’s elimination from the tournament. He does not seem to have matured in these years and I dont see him command the same level of respect that Terry does. And Beckham’s off field distractions are just a lot of baggage that England cannot afford at this time.

11 comments on “John Terry needs to be England captain
  1. ******* poor article ! Terry as captain ? hahaaha ! He can **********…
    Gerrard is the perfect captian for England…and if u think 2-1 comeback against West Ham is good……den do rememmber the UCL FINAL 2005 and FA CUP FINAL 2006.

  2. Gerrard is the only real choice for Captain, he would be awesome, more of the Gerrard we see playing for Liverpool! Terry will be the same with or without the armband!!

  3. no way is gerrard perfect…..without a doubt its got to be john terry as well as being f**kin gorgeous he is the best player around!!

  4. There is only 1 choice for england captain, John Terry. A Captain should be a natural leader, calm, consistent and when under pressure have the will and determination to drag himself and his team to victory. Steven Gerrard is a world class player, but never performs for England. If he could produce the goods England could still be in the World Cup. True, its not a 1 man team, but look at players such as Owen Hargreaves, written off by everyone, myself included, but he was arguably Englands best player in Germany along with John Terry and Rio Ferdinand. These men virtually single handedly dragged England to the Semi Finals when Gerrard, supposedly Englands star attraction, was fading away.

  5. i can bet on the fact that if gerrard is made the england captain he would[and im so sure he would!!!]prove to be the best captain england have ever had,just like he has done for liverpool.For me, there are no second options, the others can be vice captains.

  6. frank lampard should be captian because he shows great tallent and anishative aven if his goals dont always go in ! also frank is a good player of chelsea but jhon terry has enough on his plate with being chelsea captain and wont be able to manage with both

  7. i think the best englend captain should be jhon terry or wayne rooney because they show good motivation when playing

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