Julie Foudy starts a soccer academy

Julie Foudy, the hard running veteran of women’s soccer is starting an academy that will teach soccer skills and leadership to girls from the ages of 12 to 18. The theme is bigger than just soccer and is focused on developing one’s outlook towards life taking the lessons learned through soccer. (NY Times, Apr 26)
Remember those glory days of Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy, Brandi Chastain, Michelle Akers, Shannon McMillan and Briana Scurry.
For those interested, you can learn more at Juliefoudyleadership.com
Julie Foudy will be speaking at the Peddie School in Hightstown, N.J. this Friday at 7:30 PM. For reservations call:

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One comment on “Julie Foudy starts a soccer academy
  1. Dear Sir,
    The first of all let me greet you and wish you all the best in life and work. My name is Mile Hristovski. I am born on August 2,1954 in Bitola, Republika Makedonija. I live in my native place with my wife and two daughters . I have completed a Faculty of Economics.
    I was one of the greatest talents in football but I had no luck at all. I broke my right leg 3 times during the period from my 17 until my 20 year ( the third time I had very serious injuries of the ligaments knee), so that I did not succeed to fulfill my greatest
    Wish to become a known football player. Some of the people knowing me very well spoke that I had been a greater talent from Pele.
    My best football characteristics were: the velocity, the great radius of moving, good perceiving of the play, the subtle techniques, but the best of all and without any competition was my dribbling. Simply said, when I had the football on my feet no one could took it because of it my legs suffered.
    It happened very often to take the football from our football keeper and to dribble all opposing football players who were to attack me even their goalkeeper did it. In situations 1:1 the opposing players absolutely had not chances. It does not mean that I was selfish or not having any sense for collective play and rationality of the game. I had endless solutions and the only way for the opposing team was to foul me if they reached me to do it.
    I would like to present you my training program for young football players at the age from 6 to 18 years old. According to me, even in the strongest league in the world there are some football players who have not technical solutions particularly in small place, in conditions of a pressing play.
    All my football knowledge is based on my natural talent, as well, as on my great experience which is result of my long year fundamental analyses of the football play of each football trick of each possible variant of that trick of each touch of the football play from all possible directions and corners etc….
    It enables me very easy and quickly to construct ( invent) new football tricks, new variants of the existing football tricks with numerous combinations of the football tricks (Over 600 different football tricks – variants of football tricks. There are 10-15 variants per one tricks).
    My opinion is that the future should be aimed towards achievement–performance of such skilled things with the ball football player as a single one, and in the football play of the team as an entirety for which is simple considered that they could not be made.
    For ex: The certainty in the ball control with the legs to be so much improved as to reach the degree of certainty in the ball control of the handball means that the leg in the football play to be as exactly as the hand in the handball play. Further on a permanent ( continuous) activity of the both legs at the ball control i.e. we make a jump with one leg ( jumping over) while at the same time with the other leg we touch the ball. We have to endeavor towards achievement of high results in order to get out from the common –average things.
    Namely, my greatest wish is all that I do know to be presented on the field and to be seen by the audience if not directly by me then to be through the play of the young football players learning them with my skill and if necessary I will work at least 12 hours per day.
    I do not know whether some the football players have more specific, subtle and various football technique than mine.
    I do not know whether the football players know as many tricks as I know.
    I do not know whether they have so many football solutions with the ball as the field as I have.
    As well as they have so rapid overthrowing of performance of the football trick into another football trick.
    I would like to mention that my technique is not usual juggling with the ball (which means that the ball is not in skyward, but it is always down on the grass.) Although my technique is very specific, it is on the highest level of subtlety and sophistication. In essence, it consists of great number of rational and quick decisions with the ball, a huge number of soccer tricks and different variants of those tricks, with quick transition (transformation) from one to another soccer trick or variant of a trick, with very great change of direction of ball movement and the body, and etc.
    My training consists of many specific elements, but with far less elements, characteristic for the classic way of training. In my program, I devoted a great attention to the individual work (individual training), for each football player, particularly. Its positive sides to be raised on higher possible level and his negative sides (faults) to be removed, and if this is not possible, then to be amortized as much as possible.
    My football technical I am presenting it in the next different ways:
    1. I am spiting the football tricks in parts.(phases)
    2. I am explaining every part (phase), and also presenting them slowly.
    3. Give explanation on which leg in which moment is the balance of the body.
    4. I highlight the things that the players need to pay special attention to.
    In fact, my football technique is top achievement in the football technique, the perfection in the football technique.
    If the team is consisted by football players who would only overcome 80%-90% of my football technique, then FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, FC Bayern Munich, Juventus FC,… always will be inferior in the football matches with that team. and at any time it will be credibly defeated-not only in scores (with goals) so well absolutely in any field of the football play: with number of chances, football play quality, contens of the football play, timely hold of ball, continuity in the play, dynamics and etc.
    I confirm that:
    1. I shall give enormous contribution in the creation of real football magicians which could do nearly everything with the ball. I confirm –guarantee that for 3-4 years I will contribute a lot in creation of many soccer players who will be better than those about which nowadays the famous European clubs give enormous sums of money.
    I guarantee that I will give a huge contribution to the creation of top football players, such football players as have not been seen before, football players who could play in the strongest leagues in the world: Spain, Italy, England, Germany and France. When I talk about achieving great results, I do not think of average results neither on very good results. Also, I do not think of any excellent results, but on super and extra results, I think on creation of football players, who, with their quality will be able to compete with the best in the world: to Messi, C.Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Xavi, Iniesta … In other words, the results will be far beyond all expectations.
    2. I am a proper ( real ) football encyclopedia.
    3. I am the biggest and at the same time the cheapest football playing investment in the world.
    I would like to be a trainer of young footballers from 6 until 18 years of age, for any vacant place if you have it in your football training centre ( in your football club, academy ) for young footballers.
    In my country, there are not any conditions for work, there are no any football terrains.
    I am sending you my own CD (DVD) (by this e-mail), filmed in the year 1997 and 1998, in which I am presenting only a part of my football technique with imaginary opponents.
    Also, I am sending you part of my training program (Theoretical part) with young football players.
    However, my training program includes far many things, exercices with a ball individually in smaller or larger groups and collectivelly of all that presented in the CD. I am very grateful in advance and I am looking forward to your answer.
    Two links:
    Extract from the program for training of young football
    Theoretical part
    To attain the highest football results, to create the best football player, according to my opinion is necessary to be optimally joined 3 elements of equal importance, such as:
    1. Talent for football
    2. High quality coach/coaches and
    3. Training, i.e..the discipline of the training, as well as the diligence of the football player.
    Without any of the previous started elements (with only two), we could have only average football players, which could give only average results.
    Or concretized, namely:
    – Only with one element (any of them) we shall have results under level.
    – With two elements (any of them) we shall have average results.
    – With all three elements optimally joined we shall have the highest results.
    Here, I would like to mention the fourth important element, that is, the conditions for work but I will not talk too much for them because I consider that all big football clubs, among which is also your club, have conditions for training.
    Now, I would like to mention the most important features of the football game and football team, shortly. I will try to explain for each of them, with only exception of the area of perfection of the individual football technique, the control over the ball and the dribbling about which I would pay more attention.
    1.Homogenity and Elasticity of football team
    -the team has to act homogeneously as one encircled entirety, and in the same time to be with a high degree of elasticity.
    -it is not advisable to come to one large open (vacuum) space between the offence and defense.
    -Active participation of nearly all football players in the attack and defense.
    (In order this to be realized, as well as many other suppositions the team should have universal players, with velocity and irreproachable physically well prepared football players and with football players which know each other very well.)
    2. Continuity in the game
    – a game with big oscillations
    3. Velocity in the game
    -a game of the first and the second ball.
    -(It is very difficult to be done in conditions of pressing game.)
    4. Making of own specific game
    -making of own specific game which will differ from game of the other teams
    5. Responsibility and rationality in the game
    -A game in which will be involved a very small risk
    -responsible execution of assigned tasks by all football players
    -responsible of selfishness in the game
    -avoidance of provocations by opposing football players, the judge, the audience of the opposing team and sometimes an avoidance by own audience.
    6. Finding out of the real place for each football player in the game.
    -the football play is a large mosaic, while the football players are a part of that mosaic, so that in each piece will not be put where it belongs, the mosaic will not be completed, i.e. the results will fall behind.
    (In other words, in order, in order to be found out an adequate for each football player, in which he will give to the team as much as he could, then his qualities will be used the most).
    7. Collective play
    -to pass the ball to that football player of your team who is in more favourable position than the football player who has the ball on his feet.
    -to be made the simplest solution, which is the closest to the optimal solution
    -to enable to the football player of our team who possess the ball to have more solutions (3-4 solutions), i.e. 3-4 open football players of our team, and the dribbling to be the last solution.
    -collective play in conditions of pressing play
    (Passing of the ball with stronger kick than the normal one with an aim not to be taken by the opposing football player, direct pass into the feet of our football players, only in some exceptional circumstances, and etc.).
    8. Per necessity, setting of play which will depend on the play of the opposing football player
    -when the opposing team is objectively more qualitative, more superior than our team.
    9. Leading of the team during the football match
    -a change of the previously foreseen way of play during the football match
    -making of adequate replacements.
    10. Making a play in conditions of results chasing (Aggressive game) and making a play in conditions of keeping of result (Passive game).
    11.Interruptions of the game
    -a special attention to be paid to the interruptions in our favour, as well as to the interruptions in favour to the opposing team.
    12. A special concept of pressing play
    -football match training on double smaller area (terrain) than normal one
    -a game without a ball, i.e. opening of the football players of the same team
    -blockage of the team opposing side in conditions of pressing play.
    13. Concept of positional game
    -in the modern football is very little represented.
    -it is often applied in conditions when we are in inferior state in regard to the opposing team, i.e. when we have not a sufficient number of high qualitative football players, especially universal football players.
    14. Perfection of individual football technique, control over the ball and dribbling
    -always the best solution is that solution which is the simplest, i.e. as I have mentioned above, the most favourable is when our football player has more possibilities- solutions which will depend on the game without a ball of the football players of their team and etc.., and even in such circumstances is very easy to dribble the opposing football players of our team. However in the modern football when is present more and more the pressing play at the football terrain very often should be dribbled, i.e. in my opinion, in future, in the football will win the technique, dribblings, ability, one move, one double pass..The time passed when some football teams due to superiority in physical readiness, although poorer in football knowledge win those football teams in which were present more football masters, or in fact they made no training at all. Now, all teams from the first league, as well as from the second league will be approximately equally ready in physical regard, now will be present the pressing play and should be made a surplus of football players and in such a play will succeed only the great football masters great technicians the great dribblers.
    My golden football rules are as follows:
    1) The football game is played 51% with the head and 49% with feet (it is normally that it should not be conceived literally but essential i.e. during the football game should be thought very much and very quickly.
    2) Each football player should feel the ball as a part of himself, but not as something strange, something unfamiliar.
    3) The ball should be loved, should be caresses and not to be beaten, notto be mistreated.
    4) When the ball is led, it should be kicked after each step and not to be let uncontrolled long shots.
    5) When the opposing football player is close, the ball should be pulled and it should look like as it is binded (connected) for the leg, so that we shall always touch it before the opposing football player and in the smallest part of the second, per necessity we shall change the direction of moving.
    6) When some football player from our team moves the ball in our vicinity, it is advisable to accept the ball and to move it forward, but not to let it and run after it, because a lot of time will be lost and it could be easily taken from us.
    7) When the ball is blocked by the opposing football player, it should be satisfied two conditions: 1= our legs and our body should be always be between the ball and the opposing football players. 2= the ball absolutely must not be rested, it should always be in move.
    8) When the ball has a tendency of moving toward us is necessary 1= quickly (in a part of a second) to see the situation all around us, i.e. the position of the football players from our team and the position of the opposing players and to make a quick decision if it will be passed to somebody of our football players on first ball, or if it will be accepted ( stopped) and if it will be stopped is necessary to be done the following:
    2= to be binded for the leg with which will be put in our possession (control)
    and in the same time.
    3= to be blocked by the potential attacker (opposing football player)
    9) When passing the ball it would be paid an attention upon: 1=moment,
    2=direction, 3=strength and 4=felsh if is present, i.e. if it is necessary.
    10) Perfection of the double pace on one leg.
    11) Maintaining of the balance in any situation.
    12) The football player observed as individual, at least must have an imagination
    (of course not to be detrimental of the collective play of the team), which means that it must not be 100% limited with stereotypes.
    If the previously stated rules are respected then the ball will be obedient and the football player will have the control over it, but not it over him.
    I would like to mention two mail aspects of building the ball:
    1= Dynamic way when the ball is in permanent move together with our legs,
    2= static way when the ball is rested and is blocked by putting of our leg in direction of the leg moving of the opposing football player who has an intention to kick the ball. Much better is the first way which one is not only more effective but also is less risky from the aspect of injures.
    My dribbling technique in cases of 90% is based on following 5 elements:
    1= my body and my legs to go one side and with ball in the next part of the second to go the opposing side, so that always go to the wrong side i.e. he will go on one side.
    2= the ball needs to be in permanent move 3= always to be in mind on which leg is the weight of the opposing football player (the balance of the opposing football player). 4= the distance of opposing football player, and 5= my speed of running.
    With the dribbling could be achieved the following aims:
    1= to pass the opposing football player.
    2= to gain a space (area) with which will be changed the situation on the terrain.
    3= to get a foul (this is very important when is in the vicinity of the opposing goal).
    All dribblings- tricks and different variants of the tricks could be applied individually, or in combination depending on the concrete situation on the terrain.
    Hristovski Mile
    Prilepska 70/30
    7000 Bitola
    P.S. Contact: 1) My E-mail:
    Yours faithfully,
    Hristovski Mile
    Ul.Prilepska 70/30
    7000 Bitola
    Republika Makedonija

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