Let’s get Real. Beckham is a bust at Madrid.

He cannot kick with his left foot, he cannot head a ball, he cannot tackle, and he doesn’t score many goals. Apart from that he’s alright.” — George Best
In June 2003, David Beckham was traded from Man U to Real Madrid for a whopping 24.5 million pounds. He was supposed to put teeth into a team that featured superstars Zinedine Zidane, Luis Figo, Ronaldo and Raul.
Real which had lost ground to Barca in the last few years were ecstatic. News of Beckham’s move to Real Madrid came as a bitter blow to fierce rivals Barca – and new president Joan Laporta in particular.
So did it make any difference? Not Really.
Although Beckham scored five goals in sixteen games, the 2003-2004 season saw Real come in fourth place and bow out in the UEFA quarterfinals. The following 2004-2005 season Real finishied second behind Barca. And so far in the current season Barca is leading Real Madrid by 11 points. In the last match, Real escaped with a respectable draw 1-1 against Barca, although thoroughly outclassed.
How has he fared this season? One goal in 24 matches. And he is injured again.

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6 comments on “Let’s get Real. Beckham is a bust at Madrid.
  1. I think that people need to lay off David Beckham. Is it just because he is England captain that he needs to take the heat for everyones poor performances?
    At Real Madrid he is not under-performing and even if he is he is not alone. Their defence is notoriously poor, their forwards lack the ruthlessness they showed when they won the Champions League and Ronaldo looks like he has eaten more Mcdonalds than Morgan Spurlock.
    Beckham may not be, in your opinion as good as he was, but he is still a world class passer of the ball and he still works hard for his team. On top of this he is a great ambassador for the game and someone who leads by example.
    As for being injured again, how is that his fault? people don’t pick and choose when they get injured. Give the man a break.

  2. Yeah, I know that Real Madrid is not the best team right now and there have been so many coaching changes that Beckham really has’nt had the best of conditions to show off his talent.

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