Man U- Arsenal showdown: Lehmann’s performance will be of interest

The Gunners head to Old Trafford for the showdown with Man U. Both teams are resurgent. Man U is just 7 points behind Chelsea and those could shrink with a Chelsea loss this afternoon to West Ham and a Man U win. Arsenal is riding high after beating Juve to get to the European Cup semifinals.
Thierry Henry is going against Ruud Van Nistelrooy for the best striker in the EPL. Both are at 21 goals.
And then there is Jens Lehmann’s keeping in goal.
I’m sure the Bayern Munich cabal is looking to this match with great interest. And a certain Olli Kahn. If Lehmann can bring off some spectacular saves against quality strikes from the Man U attack, it would take the edge off this bitter feud between Kahn and Lehmann, that is more emblematic of the power struggle going on in the German soccer establishment right now. It would go a long way in vindicating Klinsi’s choice and get the Bayern people off his back. Should he perorm under par, look to Kahn getting more pugnacious and the Beckenbauer’s becoming more conditional with their support of Klinsi.

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