Ronaldinho now has more money than Beckham; not just the talent

Ronaldinho overtook David Beckham as the richest soccer player with his salary, sponsorships, and endorsements reaching an annual revenue of 23 million euros ($28.47 million)
Beckham dropped to second with 18 million euros, down from 25 million the previous year. Ronaldo followed with 17.4 million euros. Wayne Rooney, Man U striker and PFA Young Player of the Year two times in a row was fourth with 16.1 million euros. Not bad for a 20 year old.
For more of the filthy lucre that soccer players and managers earn

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One comment on “Ronaldinho now has more money than Beckham; not just the talent
  1. Ronaldinho is without doubt the best player of our time and he has a point.. Brazil is very, very strong this year and it’ll be hard to beat them.
    Also I’d like to point you to a very interesting and funny fan page that I’ve discovered just recently. You might wanna have a look – it’s cool: – the 2006 World Cup Fanposter where fans from all over the world can upload their pictures for free.
    I thought that was very funny and could even be interesting for your readers.

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