Ronaldinho: This Will Be Brazil’s World Cup

Deutsche Welle interviewed Ronaldinho on the World Cup, family and racism –
“I think the whole world has it [World Cup fever]. Everyone is already excited. I already have World Cup fever. We hear and see so much about it that it’s impossible not to think about it.
“The most important thing is that Brazil reaches the final and wins. That is our goal. I am not concentrating so much on our opponent, but on our own team.
“I simply feel at home here {Barcelona]. I play soccer here like I would in my own backyard with my whole family watching. My family consists of 100,000 people. There is nothing better than to feel loved by 100,000 spectators and to make them happy every match. Nothing is missing here. I do what I love to do most. And I make very many people happy doing it.
“What happened to Eto’o made us very sad in Barcelona. The right thing is that fans go to the stadium to have fun, to support their club and to leave the stadium happy. All people are equal, regardless of skin color, race or whatever. Everyone does their best to make lots of people happy.
“I think that it will be Brazil’s World Cup. I don’t think about standing out myself or being more or less the best. I simply want to do my best so that Brazil will be the World Cup champions.”
An interesting interview!

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