Sale: Get a Boca Juniors Coffin!

Soccer is life. Apparently it’s after-life as well:
Die-hard Boca Juniors fans can buy their own coffins decorated in Boca colors and symbols for between 2,000 pesos and 2,500 pesos ($650 to $800), a small fortune for many of Boca’s working-class followers.
“The coffin lets me express my feelings and show what happened to me during my life. And maybe it will bring a smile to someone’s face who remembers when we went to see a match together,” said Hernan Marini, who works with a funeral home that offers the caskets to prospective corpses.
Marini, 24, is buying a blue coffin etched with the team’s shield on its lid — the subtlest of three official Boca Juniors caskets made in a factory outside Buenos Aires.

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Not exactly a cheerful business model. I wonder if you get to wear a full team kit? And is it home or away?

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