Scolari: English Trash Talk

Read between the lines, the three lions that is! :-)
“The main problem is that apart from Sir Alex Ferguson and Martin O’Neill, British managers have not won anything. I think if people were winning things, like Sir Alex has done, it would be different. They might be offered the job. Scolari has won the World Cup and is the ideal choice for me. English managers are not winning much so I think the foreign route is a good one.”
Norman Hunter – former England international
“I’m a bit surprised he’s not English, but the FA have been bold and I have no problem with Scolari. He wasn’t afraid of taking off a big star like Figo in 2004, and that’s exactly what he needed to do. He will ruffle a few feathers. He is everything Eriksson is not.”
George Cohen – former World Cup winner
“I’ve said from the outset that it should be an Englishman. I’m not going to change my mind. All of us working at this level will be behind him, but we want to make coaching badges worthwhile so if we’re not going to give it to an Englishman, then personally I think it’s disappointing.”
Steve Bruce – Birmingham City boss
“This is disappointing for everybody from a British point of view. It doesn’t do a great deal to encourage the up-and-coming English bosses. Has Scolari ticked all the right boxes, has he worked with British players, has he dealt with our mentality and culture? Alan Curbishley and Sam Allardyce have worked at this level for a long time. How will you know if they will be a success unless you give them a chance?”
Mark Hughes – Blackburn manager, and former Wales boss
“He was tactically good at the World Cup and if he is good at handling experienced international players, with the big names they have in Brazil, then so be it. He was very good at seeing things on the pitch. He would be on his feet and pull and push these great players around. That was very impressive.”
Don Howe – ex-England No.2
“He has my full support and I hope he does well. The FA has spent a long time going through the process and that suggests they have given it a lot of thought. They haven’t just gone for a gut reaction.”
Stuart Pearce – Manchester City boss
“It’s the difference culturally between English and Brazilian football that worries me. It is going to take four years for Scolari to work out our game. I thought if the FA were interested internationally they would go with someone with connections in Europe. Perhaps they should have knocked down Arsene Wenger’s door.”
Gary Lineker – former England striker
“If Scolari has had success with Brazil and is doing well with Portugal, then why should he not do it with England? I would prefer that he stayed with Portugal after the World Cup, but it is his decision. He is a great coach and a good psychologist. One of his great qualities is his interaction with players.”
Deco – Barcelona and Portugal midfielder
“It will be a popular decision but it’s not good for English football. It sends out the wrong message to English coaches. The FA have a responsibility to do what they think is in the best interests of English football. In my opinion, this would not be it.”
Howard Wilkinson – former England caretaker boss

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