So how is Beck’s book doing?

David Beckham and Tom Watts wrote Both Feet on the Ground: An autobiography with Tom Watts (Harper Paperbacks; November 1, 2004). Today’s Amazon sales rank 168,602
A little perspective.
The top selling sports books on the Amazon top 100 list. No soccer book made it (updated every hour)
27) Games of Shadows: Barry Bonds, Balco, and the Steroids Scandal that Rocked the World by Mark Fainaru-Wada, Lance Williams
35) Baseball between the Numbers by Baseball Prospectus Team of Experts, et al
The top selling soccer books in the Amazon top 100 sports list (updated every hour)
46) Soccerhead: An Accidental Journey into the heart of the American Game by Jim Haner Sales Rank: 2,415
71) Coaching Youth Soccer: A baffled parents guide by Bobby Clark Sales Rank 3,409
77) How Soccer explains the World: An unlikely theory of Globalization by Franklin Foer Sales Rank 3,687
This reviewer seems a bit critical of David Beckham
“It has been many years since this guy stopped worrying about playing soccer, and focused solely in his obligations with sponsors, in posing for photos, etc. He has won absolutely nothing in Real Madrid, a team so engulfed by its millionaire stars that no coach can make it work as an efficient soccer team.
It’s useless to read a book about this narcisist (sic) guy.”

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3 comments on “So how is Beck’s book doing?
  1. Shourin – you’re checking the wrong bookstore.
    The Sales Rank is 24,172 – not great, but not as bad as you have it!

  2. Beck’s book is doing OK in the UK: Robbie Fowler’s is doing better

    Hat tip to Beckhead for pointing out that David Beckham’s book is doing better in the UK. It has a different title and is called David Beckham: My Side – The autobiography. Amazon Sales rank 23,989 Robbie Fowler’s autobiography:…

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