Spike Lee is a Gunner!

“I’m a fan, but I’m not like a… I don’t know it like football, baseball, and basketball, but I can see the beauty of the game. Soccer is a great game, man. Hopefully it will grow here in the States. I follow it as much as I think I can. I got the satellite. It’s hard. You watch ESPN, and you don’t even get the scores. So what, it’s going to be every four years? But I look forward to going to Europe or South America. Just going to games is exciting. I went when Baggio missed that penalty kick. I’m hoping to go to Germany, but when I go, I roll Brazil. I mean, look. I know I’m African American, but I got a little Brazil. I’m not with the winners, I just love the way they play. You look at Italy, and I hate the way they play. I hate anything or athlete where you don’t play to win, but you play not to lose. I don’t like that. But I love soccer. My kid plays. Jackson. He’s eight. He plays at Chelsea Piers. I’m the assistant coach. We’re undefeated so far. Our team is Arsenal.”
– Spike Lee
from Adam Spangler’s wonderful blog >>

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