Top 10 signs you are a Soccer Geek

Top 10 signs you are a soccer-geek:
10. You wear your Brazilian team shirt under your work clothes.
9. You have all the world cups in video (VHS) but now you went and bought the DVDs.
8. The soccer channel is your primary source of international news.
7. You have mastered the Spanish language via Univision and Telemundo.
6. Your newly-born’s middle name is Adu (the baptism was held at a pub).
5. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night because your leg was twitching- from the penalty kick you were taking in your dream.
4. Maradona and Pele are more important to you than Bush and Blair.
3. You will be sick for the entire World Cup tournament this summer (the question: what excuse can you give your boss?)
2. Your wife has joined a cult of feminist, radical soccer-hating moms.
1. You visit daily, sometimes on the hour.


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