Top five reasons why Freddy should be included

1) He is 17 years old this June, the same age at which Pele debuted at the World Cup. The rest as they say is history.
2) He was being pursued by Chelsea, Man U, PSV Eindhoven even before DC United bagged him. If its one thing that European clubs recognize, it is talent.
3) He’ll be the first US soccer superstar with a three syllable name. Adu. It’s simple and short. For a sport to permeate through attention deficit US, this is the first pre-requisite. Mia Hamm: Women’s soccer.
4) The entire country of Ghana will not just be watching their team at the World Cup but they’ll be following the US team too. If it is not Essien and his men then it will Adu.
5) See the video below

3 comments on “Top five reasons why Freddy should be included
  1. Look, Freddy is just not ready. He sat on the bench too much last year, and has not justified a WC cap for the US…
    He’ll be good for the next one in 4 years…

  2. The point is that if Freddy goes to the Cup, the experience will make him a better player for the future… but isn’t that the case for everyone?
    I tend to see Freddy as a talented kid, and despite the video you’ve presented, he’s not ready.
    Didn’t the US goalkeeper say the same thing?

  3. Look guys, he will be a missed opportunity if he continues to cool his heels. Europe would have made sure this kid would be ready. Arena should send this kid.

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