Video: Will Bobby Convey have an impact on the US team?

I believe he will. He’s had a great year with Reading and seems ready for his 15 minutes of fame on the world stage.
Here’s what Bruce Arena has been saying about the Yank: “He got put in his place his first year. I don’t think he was fully prepared for that move because he’s been a kid who as a player has been somewhat spoiled. His days at D.C. United, he didn’t have to earn a whole lot. And in that environment in England, you’re given nothing. He had to earn his standing and learn how to be a team player, which wasn’t one of Bobby’s top priorities. He learned how to earn a place on a team and keep that place and because of that he’s a likely addition to our World Cup roster.”
And take a look at this fluid goal (the US could use more of them this summer):

What’s cool is his friendship with the other Yank at Reading – goalie Marcus Hahnemann.

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