Adidas: humor in the workplace

The HR folk at adidas have a sense of humor. Here’s what they did for April Fools’ Day – in their employee publication:

“Responding to increased employee demand, our Village HR team is set to launch adiDATE, a brand-new online dating service for all single adidas employees, which comprise the majority of our employee base.
“HR has received requests from single, travel-weary employees who say they are always on the road or working long hours and have no time to dedicate to their social life.
“Said an HR spokesperson: ‘HR listened.’”
The spoof issue was an instant success!
“We were so good at fooling people that one employee e-mailed Internal Communications and said he couldn’t believe our HR Department would actually be spending time and resources on developing a singles site when they should be looking into more important things like child-care options for employees with children,” she says. “Another person from our IT Department called and wanted to know why IT didn’t know about this singles site that was launching in May. He said IT should have been in the loop and that it had not appeared on their scheduling. We were a little stunned—yet flattered—that they had taken this seriously. Of course, we had to let them know it was just a joke.”
I like it. Very un-german, this sense of humor thing :-)
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