Barcelona – Arsenal : Ronaldinho – Henry

I believe today’s game has the potential to be one of the best match-ups in years. The Gunners have a strong defense plus Henry and of course Barcelona has Ronaldinho and Messi (if one is to believe the reports).
Here are some comments on the game:
“I think Arsenal have a good chance. I suppose he (Arsene Wenger) will play Henry up front and five in midfield. If they do that, I think they will cause Barcelona a lot of problems.” – England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson
“It’s not a question of being more cautious, it’s about concentration. There’s always pressure and everybody’s used to it.” – Barca’s Henrik Larsson
“Thierry Henry’s probably had a lot on his mind and to do what he has done he’s been unbelievable. He’s a great captain and he gets everybody up for the game which you want your captain to do. He’s scores goals and sets them up. What more do you want in a player? He’s a great person as well.” – Arsenal’s Ashley Cole
“There’s been a lot of stuff written about the pressure on Arsenal’s youngsters, but there’s a lot of pressure on Barcelona because they’ve only won the European Cup once and are expected to win.” – Ex-England boss Graham Taylor
“All I want is that my players show how they can play, nothing more.” – Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard
“When you get to the final you want to take the cup home and I am convinced we are ready for the challenge. We have peaked at the right moment.” – Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger
Meanwhile, referees show they are stupid once again.
You can watch the game on your PC here>>

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40 comments on “Barcelona – Arsenal : Ronaldinho – Henry
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    Arenal Arsenal Arsenal is the lovely club from the world.

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