David Moyes to the Socceroos: Tim Cahill is mine

With Wayne Rooney, it was a war of words with Sir Alex and Sven Goran. The lad was to be declared fit when Sir Alex decided that he was fit and ready to play the World Cup. And nobody else could decide that, definitely not Sven. He was just protecting the club’s investment. But Sven is worried about the best possible English squad and his legacy.
David Moyes, Everton manager feels the same way with Tim Cahill, his injured midfielder. And its his decision to make if he feels that Cahill is not fit to play the World Cup. This has led to some pretty harsh exchanges with the Aussies who feel that Cahill could be ready to play as early as next week. The Socceroos chances are riding high on Cahill making it to the World Cup.
Not so fast. Moyes feels that there is some more time before Cahill can rehabilitate his ailing knee. And he had this to say to the Aussies. “Tim will be back when we say he is fit and ready and not when the witch doctors in Australia say he is.”
What was that about playing for club and country, eh??!!

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6 comments on “David Moyes to the Socceroos: Tim Cahill is mine
  1. omg tim cahill is sooooo sxc he is the fittest footballer goin luv ya lots tim ! Jess (Liverpool)
    p.s will u marry me (K)

  2. i noe…ilove tim cahill so much …hes so talented and beautiful….i wish i cud meet him!! go the socceroos i love uz all …especially lucas, aloisi and TIM!!heis the best player tim ur my hero

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