EPL: Here is why a mid winter recess will never happen

Alright. Perish the thought. I was being naive about the FA looking into the long Premiership season and trying to reschedule matches or introduce a mid winter recess to protect players from the type of injuries that have rocked the English squad. Here is why it will not happen.
The EPL deal announced by Sky Sports and Setanta yesterday means that the Premier League stands to earn a staggering £2.5bn through TV rights and other secondary sources of viewership. That is 13 million pounds in each of the 20 clubs pocket. The EPL deal dwarfs that of Canal Plus for the French Ligue and Premier for German Bundesliga action.
Wayne Rooney, Ledley King, and Michael Owen- time is not on your side. Playing less matches, weekend to weekend scheduling, introduction of a mid winter recess. Forget it. Big money talks. As for the FA divisions, the gap between the Premier League and the Football League just got a whole lot bigger.
The cost to a soccer fan for a Setanta subscription to view all the Premier League action – £200 annually.

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