Video: Goalkeepers who would love to be strikers- Jose Luis Chilavert

Goalkeeping can be a lonely experience. Your team’s attack is doing really great and the action is going on in the other half of the field for interminable periods of time. The goalstrikers get all the attention, the endorsements, the money, the girls, and the fast cars. The TV focuses on them everytime they twitch. While the goalie is lucky if he gets a mugshot.
Well, here are the goalies who said enough is enough. We are going to be flamboyant and venture out of the D, dribbling past opposing players and showing of our passing and shooting skills.
Jose Luis Chilavert, Paraguay’s extra-ordinary talent was one of them. He was regularly called onto take free kicks and penalties for his team. In all he scored 62 goals and eight of them were in international matches, four of them coming in Paraguay’s qualifiers to the 2002 World Cup.

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