Soca Warrior Carlos Edwards fancies an upset over England

Soca Warrior midfielder, Carlos Edwards of Luton FC, writes his syndicated column for the Guardian and gives an insight into the upbeat T&T team that is looking past the first round to even the quarterfinals. The lads love Leo Beenhakker who seems to have blended a nice combination of rigorous training with off the field downtime. Here is Edwards take on his coach.
“Beenhakker is an expressive coach. He doesn’t hold back. If he’s happy, he’ll let you know but, if he feels you’re not giving him your absolute all, he’ll have a pop at you. All the players like him and respect him because Leo is 100% frank with us.
He’ll bollock Dwight Yorke, he’ll bollock anyone. He doesn’t take any nonsense and, since arriving, he’s made a huge difference. We certainly wouldn’t have qualified for the World Cup without him.”
And Edwards on the T&T fans who will definitely light up this World Cup with their festive spirit, song, and music
“The Soca Warriors’ supporters are the best partiers in the world and, you never know, they might even persuade the German police to join them in their fun and games. They also demand we play good football, regardless of whether we win or lose, and we certainly won’t let them down on that score.
I think they’ll enjoy themselves. I just hope we can give them something to remember for the rest of their lives.”
The Soca Warriors will probably be the most popular team in this World Cup with their fans. Great soccer and a bacchanalian spirit.

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12 comments on “Soca Warrior Carlos Edwards fancies an upset over England
  1. Carlos is d real deal not 2 mention he damn sexxxy…my boi doin d damn ting yesss…he showin dem dat trini is boss & we comin 4 d cup!!!

  2. gosh u would not believe, i was never a big fan of football, i didnt even know about the national team, but only this yr world cup 2006, I became so engrossed in it, cuz afterall trini made it.Lol, and when i saw carlos edwards,wow, he gave me the extra strength 2 see all the matches. I mean cuz he relllllllll fine,his smile so sweet an attractive, i could go on and on. I was so sad when i found out that he is married.luv alway

  3. Hi,
    I wasn’t really familiar with the entire Soca Warrior team but when I was looking at the 1st Match against Sweden in the world cup and i saw Carlos Edwards and the manner in which he really worked hard for the team i felt a sense of extreme pride(that isn’t to say the entire team didnt work hard; everyone put out their best and for this i am proud of them all). Carlos Edwards I want to enlist myself as one of your new fans. I wish you all the best in the future and I will be following your career closely. Thanks for being part of making history for T&T. We love you and the rest of the warriors.

  4. carlos is sooo fine…. in person, on tv, even on the newspaper. i followed each and every game that we played for the world cup and our boys played really well. i’m very, very, very proud of them. they really and truly deserve the million dollars and the national award. GOOD JOB GUYS and CARLOS….lol

  5. hmmm…wat can i say…carlos is SEXXXYYY!!! I honestly cannot believe he’s is married 2 any1 bsides me…i hav never in my life watched the world cup until we made it & wen i saw carlos i cudnt believe 1 person cud b sooo gud lookin & hav d sweetest smile, voice & personality as him…he’s d #1 hottest trini fella!!! Wen he was on synergy d other nite i tried ova & ova 2 call & tlk 2 him but d fone was busy…i was soo sad…LUV U CARLOS!!!

  6. CARLOS……..U fell from heaven. U are de sexiest ting in trinidad and mi frenz an i RELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LUV YA………..and we were wondering if u would come 2 Bishop Anstey High School, POS if u had any spare time. Mi fren said the other day ” Carlos, wen ure earring hits the sun u light up mi life” She is a bit corny but I hav 2 say I TOTALLY AGREE WIT HER. YUH HOTTTTTTTTT!!!! Keep up de good work! I LOVE YOU CARLOS!! Please divorce Teresa and marry me

  7. i know this is not the place for it but is it true carlos edwards wife teressa releasing a single in the uk next month. any body could confirm this. google she name. it must be true man it have real news on she! carlos like your whole family will make trini proud. so is down to your son now to make a mark for himself. congratulations on your promotions you deserve it.
    much success to you and your family. i like how all yuh stick together all these years cause i know them girls and them flauntin daselves at yuh boy.
    i ain’t like how we just lost touch but tell teressa i say hi
    i hope you see this

  8. rumors have it that our beloved carlos edwards has been unfaithful to his wife with the help of his family members. carlos our very own soca warrior, i remember last year during the world cup his family was on tele with a girl by the name of denielle saying that she was his fiance, later after the worlcup we saw pics of him and her in the express newspaper in trinidad as his girlfriend. when recently i saw an article of a singer by the name of teressa edwards being his wife in the guardian newspaper in trinidad; oh my god what is really going on? when i google the name it have news going back since 2003 till present of her being his actual and tue partner or wife and they have a son. i know the prime minister said he was a role model but i don’t want him as one for my child this is outrageous and his family to do that as well. wow
    i feel sorry for his poor wife, everyone thinks it’s so glamerous being a fottballers wife but hey never realise the price these wives have to pay, and to make it worse he has a child with her what if the child saw this article from last year what would he say. i don’t know if anyone have family values or not, but football star or not this is rediculous and highly embarassing for him to represent his family and trinidad in that light, absolutely appauling. mr edwards you have just lost a fan for life; rmemeber where you come from, mrs edwards keep your head up for you and your son

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