Sven-ile Dementia: Where is Darren Bent?

I think Sven Goran has really lost the plot. The squad he picked has some real shockers. Theo Walcott?? Owen Hargreaves?? And no Darrent Bent or Jermaine Defoe. Especially Bent, who scored 20 goals for a Charlton side that struggled to score goals. Soccerblog had made a plug for Darren Bent right from the beginning.
Remember how Beckham struggled with his form in the 2002 World Cup after the metatarsal injury. It’s not easy getting back to speed after a fracture of that sort. And Rooney is going to have a tough go even if he is declared fit at the last moment. So is Michael Owen who has seen really limited playing time.
Peter Crouch has height but not speed and if Theo Walcott is what he is, then its all speed and no match experience. If speed is all that it took then Teddy Shearingham would not be scoring today. This English squad is going to have to rely on Steven Gerrard, Joe Cole and Frank Lampard to step up and start practising those first timers. Your frontline has a couple of crocks, a lanky one, and a newbie. And this not the title of a movie.
Sven’s been accused of being conservative but Jeez! Did he have to swing the pendulum all the way to the otherside for his exit??
I think Owen Hargreaves is there because Sven does not want to pay for a translator and get shortchanged in those biergartens.

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