Taylor Twellman does not get the nod: What gives, Bruce Arena?

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Its disappointing to find that Taylor Twellman is listed as an alternate in the US Soccer team. What more do you have to do to get in?
2005 saw Twellman back to his old form, as he won both the Major League Soccer MVP Award and MLS Golden Boot, finishing the regular season with 17 goals. He was also named to the MLS Best XI, as he was in 2002.
He is 26 years, not exactly a spring chicken. If Twellman is described as a predatory goal scorer then why would you not want him in the team??? Predatory is not just good, its excellent.

4 comments on “Taylor Twellman does not get the nod: What gives, Bruce Arena?
  1. Twellman scores again: Revolution thrashes Galaxy

    The headscratcher continues. Why has Bruce Arena kept out Taylor Twellman? He scored again in New England’s win against the LA Galaxy….

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  3. I agree, Twellman should be on the team. Arena is following the old adage keep your prima donna happy, i.e. Donovan and don’t bring any creativity to the team.

  4. Bruce Arena is to blame for the 3-0 loss to the czech Republic
    the loss of defenders
    Cory Gibb and Frankie Hejduk hurt the team
    but to Leave Taylor Twellman off the club in favor of some of these other questionable choices
    I would have played a 3-4-3 alignment
    with Donovan on one side
    Mcbride in the middle
    and Twellman on the right
    Plus you do not let that big good Jan Kollar get the ball period.
    I did not like the teams effort against the Czech Republic and I blame Arena
    and his stupidity. You need goals and Twellman scores them
    Too bad Reyna’s Rocket hit the post
    But No doubt Twellman deserved to be on the team

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