The Da Vinci Effect – Bored of the Code?

The Da Vinci Code is out, accompanied by a fair amount of objection to its release from various religious groups.
Now football is a religion, right?
So what if Dan Brown had written his book on the World Cup instead ?
What if he had written that the World Cup – the holy grail for soccer worshippers – was not what it seemed to be?
What if he had to suggest that there was a terrible conspiracy and a deep dark secret about it that had been hidden away for years? The story would have started with the murder of an elderly soccer referee on a football field in Uruguay. His body would be found lying there arranged in such a way as to resemble a football.
This would then lead to all kinds of terrible clues and complications which would ultimately result in the revelation of a secret of such magnitude that football would never be played in the same way again…
Would the book sell as much has his other book?
Would they be able to make a movie out of it?
Would they be able to get Tom Hanks to play the ageing goalkeeper who runs around unraveling the whatever it was that needed to be unraveled ?
And the blasphemous secret? You should have figured that out by now – mixed teams!
Now, here’s the video:

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