The Tourist Guide to Germany’s Racist Hot-Spots

“A German national of Ethiopian descent continues to fight for his life after suffering multiple skull fractures and brain trauma in what is suspected of having been a racially motivated attack in Potsdam on Easter Sunday.”
The significant number of neo-Nazis who are ready to harm and even kill others is a chilling reminder of how messed up our Germany still is. We don’t understand the concept of multi-culturalism at all. When Germans go on vacations to other countries, they go in groups and stay in groups (not unlike the Japanese). And this is not just a problem with the East. West Germany has the same issues as well, just in a smaller scale.

And now we have a “No-Go” guide, compiled by the Africa Council, an umbrella organization of African community groups and activists in Germany, focuses particularly on areas of Berlin and eastern cities like Leipzig and Dresden where neo-Nazi groups and far-right extremists are known to be based.
Let me tell you, this is not “nonsense,” as the government is saying. This is very, very sad, and unfortunately true.

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  1. Deutschland, We Have a Problem: Rassismus und Antisemitismus

    Earlier I had posted about the racist hot-spots in Germany. I’m afraid that we are not taking this seriously enough. Here’s a story about Adebowale Ogungbure. See the video for more details:…

    May I dedicate this letter to the society and the
    concerned majority of people living in this world?
    I, being a victim and to most of the people I’ve met in
    the same situation which is unbelievable.
    I’m an African and proud to be who I am.
    I’ve traveled in most countries in the world and found
    some likes and dislikes of the countries I visited.
    Discrimination has taken our world to a great extent
    and I can’t believe how long this will continue.
    Mostly if you’re black, they don’t recognize you as a
    human being. I don’t know why this happened, as I
    believe we are equal in the eyes of God.
    I remember the situation, which was in the United
    State until the coming of Luther King who tried to
    teach about the effect of discrimination which has
    ended to majority countries.
    I have spent 5 years now in Germany after traveling in
    different countries and have come up with this issue
    or complaint.
    The government has to do something if they want to
    join the rest of the world in development.
    Discrimination should end.
    So many people have encountered what I have seen and
    witnessed in Germany and remained silent but I should
    let the whole world know this.
    In fact it was a good idea to visit many places in
    Germany to compare the situation of the foreigner and
    come out with whatever I discovered.
    1.Well I went to a Disco, where Africans are not
    allowed to mix with others raverous.
    They’re stopped and the bouncers keep their eyes on
    Africans like they are terror suspects.
    This is very bad as every person in the world has a
    right to freedom.
    2.In restaurants, they don’t serve you as a customer.
    They just let you sit down and no one even spares his/
    her time to talk to you.
    Some of the restaurant where they serve you as an
    Africa, they ask you to pay the bill first before
    being served.
    They don’t do this to their locals and this is what I
    I got the same report from other Africans foreigners
    whom I approached for the same issue.
    Why do we have to pay first?????
    Why not the Germans????
    In Africa, we do respect the foreigners and we accept
    them as brothers and sister, but in Germany, what is
    going on??????
    3.When you get into a train or bus, no one likes to
    seat next to an African. They treat us like we are
    primitives from other planet. Do Germans belong to
    this world or Earth alone?
    Why do they visit other countries and pretend to be
    friendly yet have such a bad attitude in the home
    If they hate mixing with Africans, why do they go to
    Africa? We are not sick and we have the same
    senses as everyone else.
    4.Once I met a German having an argument with an
    African lady which resulted to a fight.
    The lady reported the matter to the police who turned
    her down.
    This caught my curiosity as I didnt know why the police
    judged the case that way.
    After this, the lady received several blows from this
    German as the police watched, the police discriminated
    against the lady.
    As an African, the police don’t give you freedom
    either. In case of anything between an African and a
    German, the Africans are always taken to be on the
    wrong and are therefore victimized.
    Once I asked the police why this is so but he was very
    rude to me and called me a Nigger.
    I had no one else to ran to but I hope this will be
    taken positively and do something to us Africans
    suffering in this German Land.
    5.In Jobs opportunity the same matter.
    As an African, they don’t give you jobs even if you
    have the qualifications.
    They don’t recognize us as learned, and by the way we
    sometimes we are more educated than them.
    As an African in Germany, you have no freedom of
    speech and sometimes we just keep quiet.
    Unbelievably this situation is still in Germany to
    date and I hope the government will do something in
    regards to this matter.
    We are all equal and the world belongs to all.
    Racism should be past tense as we have done it in
    Why don’t you follow the footstep of other world
    I hope this will bring the press or the government to
    solving this big stigma affecting us Africans in
    Charles Freiburg.

  3. The New German Patriotism

    While the politicians are trumpeting our new found German patriotism, I hope we don’t lose site of the big picture. Deutschbands or not, we are not out of the woods. And anyone who suggests that everything is fine is deceiving…

  4. There are more racist murders of whites in South Africa in the last year than the reverse case in the WHOLE of Europe in the last TEN years. Yet i somehow doubt Europeans are going to publish “no-go guides” for the 2010 worldcup about black “neo-Mugabes”. Things are so bad in South Africa and Zimbabwe that whites are fleeing, yet things aren’t so bad in Europe than non-whites leave. Yet we only here one side repeated in the stupid media again and again and again. An Ethiopians murder is “suspected” of having racist motivations in Deutschland= major news; 20 Boers killed in South Africa this month with clear racist motivations, no press at all.
    Regarding “not understanding the concept of multiculturalism”, I think people who live close to it do understand it…..and just plain don’t like it. If it weren’t for multiculturalism, there would be no neo-Nazis.
    Multiculturalism is only popular with people who don’t live in multicultural societies.
    There’s not a single Western nation where the majority like it, so no need to feel “guilt” Germans…’re not alone in objecting to invasion.

  5. I agree with Tyler 100%.
    Whenever you see an advertisement on TV against racism, 100% of the time it is ALWAYS a white person being racist and never the other way around, maybe because white people are the only people in the world who are racist… (That’s sarcasm for those of you who can’t pick on it). The Africans in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Uganda, Mozambique, Eritrea, Angola, Algeria made racist policies towards whites after coming into power ranging from appropriation of their property, expelling whites from the country they had lived in for their whole lives and state sponsored murder of whites (Zimbabwe, S. Africa). You will probably think to yourself now “But white people did horrible things there first!”, my response to that is simply look what they did when they had the opportunity, they’re just as bad as us, so why continue to feel ashamed of what we did when they don’t? Answer me that one logically, I dare you to even try. Africa for Africans, Europe for Europeans, .-

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