The Vatican: The Da Vinci code and the Juventus soccer scandal

Luciano Moggi.jpg
Luciano ‘Lucky’ Moggi, ex-Juventus supremo
If you’re Pope Benedict XVI, all hell has broken loose in the last couple of weeks. The Catholic Church does not just employ child predators as priests but according to Dan Brown they are all bloodthirsty as well and enjoy masochism too. Opus Dei is a secretive organization within the Church that puts the tightlipped Carlyle cartel to shame. The book The Da Vinci code has done enough to expose this organization and the movie is doing more damage. Although, the veracity of it all is being questioned by everyone and anyone. But then that’s what makes the film studios and Dan Brown laugh all the way to the bank.
But what must really get the Catholic priests who turn to soccer and not Jesus for release, is the fact that it is going through it’s biggest scandal in Italy. A Pope accused of Nazism, child molestor priests, Christ marrying Mary Magdalene, kinky Opus Dei priests named Silas who flagellate themselves and then go out and kill. I thought in Catholicism it was the other way around. And now soccer. Is nothing sacrosanct?
The Vatican reaction to the unfolding corruption, match fixing, and bribery orchestrated by Luciano ‘Lucky’ Moggi, Juventus president is one of bitter disappointment. Cardinal Camillo Ruini, a close aide to Pope Benedict XVI, at a news conference said,” From a good Italian and from an old fan, I am sad and disappointed. I would have always liked that sporting events were genuine.”
The allegations are so serious, with no immediate end in sight that, that even the church feels its faith tested. I have a feeling that Opus Dei might get some new recruits from the Juventus team. That or they should have Opus Dei box seats. Alessandro Del Piero after scoring a goal flagellates himself on the sidelines as an austerity measure?
Soccerblog has covered this scandal extensively, here and here

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