Top 10 “Boredom-Fighters” in Rooney’s Oxygen Chamber

Poor Rooney. Now the Guardian claims he’ll lose his marbles sitting in the isolated confines of his oxygen chamber
Here are 10 things he can do to keep his sanity:
10. Polish his Nike boots
9. Sample a selection of the world’s finest beers:

8. Host a FIFA party with Coleen:

7. Catch up with Roy of the Rovers:

6. Call up his mates at the pub, and chat up the odds on his return.
5. Play a round of canasta with Sepp Blatter.
4. Settle his gambling issues with Michael Owen. Owen could stand a few hours in the chamber as well!
3. Get a “victoria” tattoo (in Hindi) on his forearm.
2. Shave his head and take up yoga .
1. Work on “anger management” – see video below:

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