Two Lions, Not Three – Forget Rooney!

I was supposed to be on blog duty yesterday but I must say I felt so upset that I couldn’t do anything at all. Sorry everyone.
It’s not fair, but I think Rooney’s not going to be allowed to go to Germany- even if he is fairly fit.
And who do you guess is behind that?
I’m betting it’s Fegie. First he sacks Rooney’s doctor:
We can confirm that Dr Stone has left the club. There was a difference of opinion on a non-football and non-clinical issue, as a result of which Dr Stone felt it to be in his and the club’s best interests for him to leave.
Best interests, indeed!
Why? Because Rooney was healing ahead of schedule, that’s why. And Fergie is thinking about Rooney’s contribution to the club, not England.
See this: Ferguson has left no-one in any doubt; if Rooney is not given the all-clear when he returns from Baden-Baden, as far as he is concerned the striker will not be going back…

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