Video: Carlos Tevez

Along with Messi, I’m looking for Carlitos to take Argentina back to glory this summer:

When he was at Boca, and they played Manchester United in a pre-season friendly, Ruud van Nistelrooy went into the Boca dressing room after the game to ask for his shirt.
Now of course he’s top scorer in the Brazilian league. Cruzeiro – what do you think of that? :-)

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7 comments on “Video: Carlos Tevez
  1. Humberto, the only reason Tevez is the leading scorer in Brasil is because our Brasilians are playing in Europe!

  2. Not agree with you “cruzeiro”, what would you say after seeing “your brasilians” on world cup 2006? Carlos Tevez played a lot better tha anyone of them.
    See you.
    Just another Carlos Tevez fan :)

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