Benito Archundia Tellez: The referee of the World Cup

Tellez did a superb job refeering the Germany- Italy semifinal
Kudos to Tellez, who was more than willing to let the players play, was not afraid to talk to them when they fouled excessively or dived to the ground. He was like a father figure coaxing the players to get on with the game. He booked the players to make a point and not to mete out punishment. The result of this understated refeering were two teams who played soccer the way it is supposed to be played. The Italians stopped selling their dives because Tellez bought none of it. The Germans were probably thrown off by the Italians underperforming in the histrionics department.
Tellez should be complimented on his performance as he brought the best out in Italian soccer. A talented team marred by their penchant for gamesmanship. His refeering brings to mind the way boxing referees go about their business. Separating boxers aside, keeping the low blows to a minimum, and reminding them to go on with the game, exactly like a Mills Lane would do.

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One comment on “Benito Archundia Tellez: The referee of the World Cup
  1. Well said, Shourin. Tellez was far and away the most effective official in any match thus far…and I’ve seen all but maybe 5 or 6. His decision-making was spot on and he was nearly invisible the entire match. Let’s hope FIFA honors him by awarding him the top spot in the Italy/France final!!

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