Did They Hear Us Talking?

Well, Bruce Arena is back at the helm of a soccer team; apparently the powers that be in New York believe that his past success as the US MNT coach, DC United’s 2 MLS cups, and his 5 NCAA titles at Virginia will enable him to move the Bulls on to glory in the MLS. But my concern here is that the Red Bulls just kinda stink..and a prom dress on a pig is still a dressed up pig.
And of course, to blow the horn of the most excellent cogniscenti here at SoccerBlog, it appears that osmosis has occurred, and the call is now for the US to hire J├╝rgen Klinsmann. Kudos to Grant Wahl for recognizing our wisdom. :)
Now if we can only convince Klinsi…

2 comments on “Did They Hear Us Talking?
  1. Let no one forget that Klinsmann’s side kick, Joachim Low is likewise largely responsible for the success of the Nationalmannschaft.
    I’m sorry, Bruce did not end up coaching a European or EPL team.
    Let’s say here, take care of Bruce, he is the number one reason for US soccer responsibility in the world. That is no small feat; maybe it is among the most storied US soccer feats of all time.
    As much as I like the world cup, the cons I see with it, came true too.
    1.) Each game is too important (it was hard for us to bounce back from the first game) but to there credit Ghana did.
    2.) Quirky refereeing
    3.) Outright cheating.
    Germany was a class act, the only honest team in the final four as far as I’m concerned, but Juergen is widely regarded as a diver in his career.

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