FIFA’s 17 Commandments for South Africa 2010

SOUTH AFRICA has given world soccer body Fifa 17 guarantees as part of the contract to host the 2010 World Cup. These are:
•Home Affairs: Three guarantees saying no one will be denied a visa on the basis of race, nationality or religion; work permits will not be required for World Cup staff, and media and special port entry facilities will be set up for 2010 visitors.
•Finance:Three technical guarantees relating to customs duties and levies, other taxes and bank and foreign exchange operations.
•Safety and Security: A detailed, written security plan will be prepared to ensure the safety and security of Fifa delegations, media and accredited officials in the country.
•Communications: Four technical guarantees covering minimum information technology resources, an international broadcasting centre, a media centre and Fifa’s ownership of all media and marketing rights.
•Transport: Minimum standards of transport comfort and efficiency around stadiums and other venues.
•Environment and Tourism: A 2010 pricing policy will protect visitors against exploitation.
•Trade and Industry: Detailed commitments guaranteeing Fifa’s marketing rights and the rights of official sponsors, including protection against ambush marketing by rival brands.
•Justice: A limited indemnity for officials.
•Foreign Affairs: No country will be excluded from participation and all will be able to play their national anthems and fly their national flags.
•Health: The health infrastructure will be “significantly upgraded”, emergency and disaster facilities will be at the disposal of Fifa, and teams and delegations will be free to bring their own doctors.

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