Goodbye, Bruce Arena

In the end, Arena was almost as bad as the Brazilian coach (see previous post).
U.S. Soccer President Sunil Gulati:
“Bruce Arena’s success on the field for the United States is unprecedented. But it is more than just the results he has achieved on the field. Simply said, no one has done more to lift the stature and respect of our men’s team worldwide. We appreciate Bruce’s years of service to U.S. Soccer, and as we move forward we will be looking for someone to build on the success he has established for our men’s program and our organization.”
So who are we going to call? Klinsmann? Scolari? Lippi? Van Basten?
Let’s get someone who’s actually coached a winning international squad!
Let’s not hire Sven. Or some god-awful baseball commentator!

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3 comments on “Goodbye, Bruce Arena
  1. A Soccer Prayer
    Oh, Father, our heavenly Referee
    In your magnificence I beseech thee,
    I pray for a coach for our beloved MNT
    Arena was fine, but took us only so far
    Our players are good, though none a star
    But we need performances superb, not “sub-par”
    We need a coach with an international touch
    So in the end, I ask for not much
    But please give us Klinsi (or one of the Dutch)

  2. In the days of yore when our MNT really sucked,
    performance and results were something we ducked
    then the USSF hired someone named Bruce,
    our team they surely hoped he’d spruce
    up, but in the end we ultimately found
    during the World Cup our boys got ground
    into the pitch by Ghana and the Czechs
    they played poorly but let’s not wring their necks
    listen to Tilam, Shourin, Christian and Thew
    and the rest of the crazies at SoccerBlog as we beseech you
    bring in a leader, a winner, and a proper coach
    his passion, his direction, his skill beyond reproach
    restore the US MNT to prominence when
    we take on the world in twenty-ten
    OMG, some people have WAY too much time on their hands…

  3. Okay, this is getting a bit out of hand,
    If we don’t get back to work, we will get canned,
    While in little rhymes I do take some pride,
    I am sounding like Fezzik (from The Princess Bride)

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