Klinsi steps down as Germany coach

Klinsmann says he’s burnt out, and decides to go back to California to hang out with his family. Apparently he’s going to take a 6 month break.
According to Reuters, “all 23 players in Germany’s squad, 93 percent of the public, according to opinion polls, and even some of Klinsmann’s harshest critics had said they wanted him to continue”… what a turnaround!
Says Klinsi: “It was the most beautiful World Cup ever. We’ve created a new image of the Germans around the world.” And he’s right about that.
Even as Klinsmann proved his doubters wrong, there’s no doubt he felt the pressure. Now he can walk away with his head held high. His replacement is his assistant, Joachim Loew, whose agreement runs to the end of the 2008 European Championship.

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5 comments on “Klinsi steps down as Germany coach
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