Lehmann’s hands of God saved the day

Jens hand gottes.jpg
Jens Lehmann- divine intervention
Unsere Hand Gottes hielt die Schüsse von Ayala und Cambiasso, brachte uns ins Halbfinale!
That’s what the Bild says, in a pointed reminder to the Maradona hand of God goal in the 1986 World Cup. Today it was Lehmann’s hands of God that stopped Roberto Ayala’s and Esteban Cambiasso’s PKs and sent Germany to the semifinals.
Klinsi made the right choice in Lehmann. He has fantastic reflexes. I am sure Riquelme seeing the PKs from the sidelines must have been painfully reminded of the day when Lehmann saved Riquelme’s penalty kick in the European Cup in the Arsenal- Villareal semi-finals.
There was quite a bit of violence between German and Argentine fans that went on for a while after the match was over. But I am glad that Klinsi and Pekerman said the right things to calm the teams and their fans down.

4 comments on “Lehmann’s hands of God saved the day
  1. As a goalkeeper who’s participated in my share of shootout’s, my hat is off to Lehman. Not only did he manage to stop 2 shots, he read ALL FOUR shots correctly, and nearly saved a 3rd!! A truly spectacular performance from the Gunner’s netminder.

  2. Hey nice 2 meet you. like you im a Gunner fan too. I like your comment about lehmann. ( hes my favorite player) you should consider being a football jounalist cos i believe that you know lots about arsenal and i think you should write articles on arsenal.com. anyways, did you know that lehmann saved like 3 penalties in one of the UEFA cup [FINALS] with Shalke 04. And did you know that riquelme said on his website that he quit football partly because of lehmann? (guess the almighty hands of god disturbes him in his sleep!) and by the way, im not some friggin chinese . im from malaysia (bet you dont know where that is!)

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