Ricardo: Portugal’s hero

Ricardo, Portugal’s goalie stopped three PKs
The goalkeepers in this World Cup are turning out to be the unsung heroes. It’s not just Klose, Podolksi, Totti, Ronaldinho but Buffon, Lehmann, Ricardo, Dida, Barthez, and Hislop.

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  1. Wow, England is now firmly the Boston Red Sox of World Football…at least when it comes to PK’s. What a weak performance with NO solid strikes during the shootout. Lampard, Gerrard and Carragher all hit weak pk’s, and even Hargraves’ shot was partially deflected. You certainly can’t take anything away from Ricardo, but England can only blame themselves for such a gutless, amateur performance. I believe I’ve lost my appetite.

  2. TGEIO – Thank God England is out. They played really really bad soccer from the beginning. They reached so far because of their luck and self-imposed confidence based on nothing. England players are tigers (oops, lions) in EPL, and something else in the world cup, such an irony. Can you believe two of their fav lions missed from the spot. And another lion was too tired, and finally the youngest lion was too immature and saw a red card.
    By the way, I never knew that lions were living in England anytime in history, instead lions are seen in African jungles.
    Congratulations to Portugal for this win without Deco. With Deco this team has potential to reach the final.

  3. I don’t care if they were hard shots or not. PKs are about so much more than the actual shot. There’s the whole mental angle as well. For keeper and shooter. On another note: I think Angola’s keeper, Ricardo, turned in the best game yet against Mexico. Amazing, absolutely amazing!

  4. ricardo your my hero if it wasnt for you we wouldn’t go this far in the fifa world cup off 2006 well thanks for being the best goalie EVER!!!!!!

  5. het ricardo ur the best keep i up i hope to see u in portugal and i want to be just like u when i grow up…..

  6. ricardo ur my HERO! i think u were the best keeperout of the whole world cup. ive been a goalie from the begining. stopin 3 PKs is amazing. i want to be just like u when i grow up

  7. im from portugal and ialways go for portugal in the world cup and i even play soccer and im very good at it and im very good at goal keeper and when i grow up im going to be right next to ricardo in the world cup

  8. ricardo your the best goalkeeper in the world. your my hero. one day when you retyer youll be know to all the portugues and other of yourfans the best goalie ever!! better than dubm buffon. your the best… my name doent sound portugese but i am. my dad is algerian and my mom is portugese.

  9. Hello Ricardo. I wanted all simply to say you that you are my héro preferred. I would like to see you, but I cannot

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