Soccer down under: Guus is taxed and the Matildas make it

So the big news is that the Dutch have prosecuted Guus for tax fraud. He claimed that he was living in Belgium where the rates are lower. The question is when did he take up residence there. A simple case for the detective Hercule Poirot to solve but not when a coach like Guus Hiddink is in question. Guus has been to so many places that he probably does not remember. Maybe us Socceroos can pay the tax money he owes since he refused any farewell celebrations. The Australian dollar remains fully convertible unlike the russian ruble.
Meanwhile Lucas Neill has surfaced after that very long sliding tackle that ate up a lot of diplomatic turf between Italy and Australia and is now taking an active interest in who is coaching who. Neill did not mention the name Fabio Grosso but he singled out Ron Smith as one of Australia’s best new coaches, who will see a new season with the Perth Glory. Hopefully Neill’s judgement on this one is better than his World Cup ones.
The Matildas have made it to the Women’s World Cup beating Japan. They hope to shock the USA and the Germans and go two up better than the Socceroos.

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