Solutions to the referee problem

Sepp Blatter has revealed measures that could improve the efficiency of referees at World Cup 2010 in South Africa.
The measures will be discussed at the International Board autumn meeting in Zurich. The most revolutionary is the possible introduction of the two-referee system.Some of the changes envisaged are….
• The referees will operate diagonally opposite each other on the outside section of each half, overlapping where necessary into the other half, 15-20 yards inside touchline.
• This more than halves physical stress, as referees currently run up to seven miles.
• The two views of any incident from 180-degree angles eliminate the “blind side”. Statistics reveal many fewer fouls because players are aware of easier detection.
• There is a huge psychological factor: players and crowd cannot be angry with two men in the way they can demonise one.
• The referee is removed from the central midfield area, where he is often in the way.
• At free kicks, each end of the free kick is controlled by one referee.
• Statistics show the ball remains in play more and players subconsciously veer away from referees on the outer edge of the field.
• Though assistant referees are retained, each referee is more often able to give instant whistle on offside decisions.
And while FIFA is dicussing the pro’s and cons of a new system a writer for the Irish Sunday Independant has a very simple and even more revolutionary solution to the referee problem.Less clothing for refs !

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