The beautiful game bypassed these players: Egregious offenders of WC 2006

Arjen Robben.jpgfabiogrosso.jpglampard.jpg
cristiano ronaldo.jpgHeitinga.jpgZinedine Zidane.jpg
figo.jpgde_rossi_daniel.jpgmarco materazzi.jpg
mateja kezman.jpgThierry Henry.jpgKalac.jpg
Arjen “ball hog” Robben; Fabio “diver” Grosso; Frank “miss by a mile” Lampard
Cristiano “rooney red card ” Ronaldo; Johny “poor sportsman” Heitinga; Zinedine “headbutt” Zidane
“van Bommel” Figo; Daniel “hatchetman” De Rossi; Marco “racist” Materazzi
Mateja”decapitate” Kezman; Thierry “flopper” Henry; Zelko “fumblehands” Kalac
Disagree with the ones listed here? List more?

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12 comments on “The beautiful game bypassed these players: Egregious offenders of WC 2006
  1. Despite what you and the general continent of Australia thinks, Grosso Didn’t dive.
    Take a look at that, if it isn’t a penalty I don’t know what is.
    Also, zidane said himself in the interview that Materazzi said nothing that was racist or about his religion, so why are we still labelling him a racist? What real evedence do you have? The lip readers from the Daily Mirror?
    I would change it to Thierry “Always Offside” Henry, as I did not think he flooped a lot in the competition. Also Wayne “Super Stamper” Rooney, Frank “can’t buy a Goal” Lampard and Zinedine “Mountain Goat” Zindane.

  2. Jflo
    You do have better captions. I like the ‘can’t buy a goal’ Lampard and Zinedine “mountain goat” Lampard.
    And yes, Wayne Rooney should get a place in the pantheon.

  3. The beautiful game bypassed this world cup; group rounds are okay, the shenanigans start in the knock out rounds.
    Honestly, I think a game of 8,000 attending an MLS game is going to be more, er, honest and clean and the EPL looks good, maybe most country’s own leagues do, the Mexican League, the Italian league er.. wait a second.

  4. Disclaimer: Not saying I agree with it, but it is clever, some have called Henry “Le Cheat”: I don’t think he is for Arsenal, at least much but once the World Cup comes around one starts seeing these things.
    I mentioned Euro 04 as being a relatively good and honest tournament; if I said that, then, I really have to add on, that the African Cup of Nations of earlier this year, Jan/Feb was also a good tournament with some tedious shootouts.
    There are heroes too, I’m not from Australia, but I’d call them that.
    Too bad there is a lot of nonsense in some of these games but I don’t think they gave out any of that.

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