The Serie scandal might just rejuvenate Man U

With Chelsea and Arsenal stealing most of the top rated international stars, Man U’ star attracting top drawer talent is on the wane. Ruud Van Nistelrooy is probably headed out the door, with negotiations with Real and Bayern Munich. Man U wants to desperately keep Cristiano Ronaldo, Sir Alex’s blue eyed boy. But apparently, this love is the unrequited sort. Ronaldo wants out and has wanted out for about 10 months. He is interested in moving to La Liga, preferably Real.
The only player of note that Man U has been able to entice is Michael Carrick from Tottenham. This seems small potatoes compared to the signing of stars like Michael Ballack and Andriy Shevchenko with Chelsea and Tomas Rosicky with Arsenal.
The Serie scandal could not have been more opportune. Most of the Juventus players are ready to jump ship. We could see Patrick Vieira back in the EPL playing for Man U against his former team Arsenal. Fabio Cannavaro has left for Real along with his coach, Fabio Capello, now Real’s head coach. If Ruud is on his way out, then Man U could make an offer for Zlatan Ibrahamovic. Man U’s midfield has some aging stars like Paul Scholes. Maybe Sir Alex would like to blow up some of Malcolm Glazer’s money on Mauro Camoranesi or even Gianluca Zambrotta.
Having Giuseppe Rossi in the Man U squad might induce some of the Bianconeri that England can be a country that they can take a liking to. After all the Romans must have seen something they liked many centuries ago. Julius Ceaser with his Roman army made the initial foray into the British Isles around 55 BC before Claudius decided that England was a good investment and overran parts of the Isles in 43 AD.
This time the players from Juventus, Lazio, and Fiorentina might be welcomed with open arms and unlimited checkbooks. Hadrian’s wall might have been built to keep the marauding English tribes out but that was before soccer was discovered.

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2 comments on “The Serie scandal might just rejuvenate Man U
  1. ManUtd are building a squad for the future so whatever links with Juve is not true, also as well Viera is not a fan of ManUtd and i as well dont see him playing there. The main factor is that we want to keep C.Ronaldo and the rest of the youngsters cause they are the bright future of this football club, and C.Ronaldo playing in Real Madrid will spoil his game he will not be the player he is today.

  2. A few players might be okay, but won’t it be that those signed would push others out of a job and might not be better anyway; at lesst for the flow of play. EPL doesn’t need more foreigners for England ball.

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