2 comments on “Tony Karon on Zz’s Head-Butt and Multi-Cultural Tension
  1. That article is a rather intellectual treatise of the incident.
    I hope you come across an article I read, sorry, I don’t have it on me, but Jordan, once was confronted with this guy, Jordan was taunted, Jordan looked at him, he could pound his fist into the guy or pound the ball on the court, of course, Jordan dribbled the ball, not using violence.
    But with that said, I don’t buy those who say, this stuff goes on all the time. It doesn’t go on in the Olympics and although I am sure it happens in the NBA; I doubt if the likes of Yao Ming, David Robinson when he played, Tim Duncan, Steve Nash, the 2 time MVP player, and probably Frenchman Tony Parker resort to this. To say this happens all the time, is an excuse too. Argentina played Italy in the finals of basketball at the Athens 2004 Olympics. Does one really believe this happens all the time?
    I thought the World Cup, sought some sort of Olympic ideal; the pageantry is great; and seeing all the nations come out but it doesn’t seem to really pursue fairplay.

  2. It does happen quite a lot in football — I’ve seen fights break out in South American and European matches several times in 36 years of watching international football. When it hasn’t been a fight, it’s been vicious bloody attacks (that make Zizou’s headbutt look like child’s play) by one player against another (who can’t fight back because he’s flat on his back bleeding and about to be taken away on a stretcher) or incidents that almost break out in physical attacks or even slugfests were it not for referees or other players stepping in. Not to mention constant verbal assaults. And I won’t even go into stuff happening in the stands.

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