9 comments on “Video: More Materazzi Madness!
  1. People are picking on Materazzi but why? Because he is Italian? Because Zidane is the guy who headbutted him and Zidane is a superstar? Zidane is far from a clean player; he is as dirty as they come. This is a guy known for on field violence. He has headbutted and stomped on opponents before trying to injure them. All this is forgotten as people try to make excuses for Zidane.

  2. Dash, are you just a complete moron? We aren’t talking about Zidane, we are talking about the complete and utter ugliness of the POS call Materazzi. If this were in the US the bench would clear and someone would kick that stupid, worthless, POS into the stone ages. If I was a coach and was up against him I would make sure to have a bruiser on my team to put up against him and lay him out so he never gets up again.

  3. Ron T
    He is from Argentina but plays for Villareal in the Spanish Liga. The incident that took place between Materazzi and Sorin was at the Euro Championships when Inter played Villareal.

  4. Everybody is bringing up all this crap about Materazzi’s past and how dirty of a player he is, as if this somehow implicates him in the Zidane incident. What does one thing have to do with another? The fact is that Materazzi didn’t do anything in this situation that would warrant such a violent response no matter what Materazzi has done in the past. People are just looking for any reason to keep Zidane on his pedastal.

  5. : joesnuffy :
    Don’t know about that; some lip readers say he wished death on ZZ’s family.
    Futahaguro is absolutely right; this is soccer, not thug ball.
    The POS Marcel is a threat to maim someone.

  6. Materazzi’s a lowlife. In the middle of a final at a World Cup he starts hurling obscene personal abuse repeatedly toward the captain of the oppposing team (about the guy’s family!) just because that captain made a sarcastic remark. Zidane was wrong to react the way he did but Materazzi violated FIFA rules as well by his actions as well.

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