9 comments on “Video: Robin Van Persie vs Blackburn Rovers
  1. Can we see the FA Cup semi-final (which Blackburn lost) where Andy Todd smashes V.P. in the face with his elbow, blooding & decking him?
    No-one likes a smartarse VP…

  2. Oh Van Persie……Terrific Football…..OH THAT IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING
    Nailed the northern scum.
    1/4 odds Blackburn out in first round ch5 cup

  3. Yeh dont really give a shit about that goal, would just love to see VP’s face smashed in! Especially as i was there!

  4. Kersh, ian, Smithy: A lot of true football fans here obviously… you guys really know your stuff!

  5. What’s the big whoop about that goal? It’s a quality shot from a tough angle, but otherwise it’s just some dribbling…
    What am I missing, aside from an apparent face bashing by Andy Todd?

  6. well done todd i wasnt bothered that we lost that semi cos he showed that cunt wer he stands! we showed hus the boss wen we beat em at ewood! no fukin wi rovers next season!

  7. Yep – Blackburn Rovers – biggest town club in Britain. Punching well above our weight year on year considering the originating town and location.
    We’ve got the best chairman and manager in Britain and finished well cemented in 6th place last year challenging both Arse-nal and Spurs to a champs league finish. We beat Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea, doing the double over Utd.
    Considering expenditure of the top 4 teams, and Spurs, Newcastle, Portsmouth, we are totally Taking the pi55 out of the rest of the Premiership and have been for years. Bolton are our only rivals in the success stakes.
    Best motivated and best run football club in the country with some of the best facilities. Undisturbed by a knee-jerk metropolitan mentality.
    Yes we are a smaller club punching WELL ABOVE our weight but we are acheiving far more than Arsenal even if they do win a trophy every other year – because we have masses of tradition, stability, and personality at our club.
    Keep it up Rovers!
    Anyway – Van Persie’s a well-known MINCER. He plays with a butt-plug in pal!

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