4 comments on “Video: Zizou’s Head Butt
  1. Not a great tournament, it was certainly astonishing to see Zidane, who had remarked on the physical discipline of the Team, to exercise such little discipline, himself; he is obviously unbalanced, or perhaps he was suffering a physical breakdown, and was not himself, or a combination.
    Perhaps as damning as Zidane, was the removal of Ribery from play. I would take a tired Ribery over Trezguet any day, particularly with penalty kicks looming.
    One last thing: FIFA REFS SUCK! They need to do something about the Mid afternoon novela-class performances we were subject to, in a game like football, one bad call can change the game completely, unlike NBA, with high scoring, the calls often balance out.
    The refereeing ruined this Cup. Unless you are from Italia, I don’t know how anyone can be pleased with this Cup!

  2. I’m unbiased, though some would disagree; that header goal that Italy made later on in the game, called offsides and NO goal. Does anyone think it was? Thanks!

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